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Hello, I haven’t even visited the hotel since the renovation, but the website alone shows some very positive changes. You certainly have changed the place! Congratulations and good luck!




This year my friends and I had the opportunity to visit the Witnica Hotel. On the surface, a rather average-looking hotel.

However, we soon found out just how great it is! A very good service was provided by the waitresses. The chef – he is a first-class professional! His food is delicious! The owners are very personally involved and helpful. And the atmosphere is just like at home.

I highly recommend the hotel and its cuisine.

Greetings from the cycle rally team, Tomasz.



Dear all!!! We were somewhat apprehensive when we arrived at the hotel (having read the old reviews!!!) but when we got there, the food was delicious! Compliments to the chef!!! Great draught beer, but most of all: great service!!! And all this thanks to the great owners who care personally about everything!!! Greetings from the cycle rally team, Arek!!!


Bronisław, 02.01.2015 12:16

The hotel has gained a new and improved appearance. It looks a lot better both on the inside and the outside... Anyway, no comment necessary... Now it is a real hotel and the town has gained a lot thanks to this. Pretty facade and a very elegant sign "WITNICA HOTEL AND RESTAURANT". Fantastic! Words cannot describe it! The municipality should now show this place in their promotional materials. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes